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Rosemary for smudging



Rosemary sticks are approximately 5-6" inches long.

1 rosemary stick per order.


Burning Rosemary is a powerful way to cleanse your home and invite positive energy. Known for its purification and protective properties, rosemary has been used for centuries to banish negative energies and create a serene environment. The soothing aroma promotes emotional and spiritual healing, reduces stress, and enhances mental clarity and focus. To use, simply light a bundle of dried rosemary or loose leaves on a charcoal disc, allowing the smoke to fill each room while setting your intention for cleansing and positivity. Open windows and doors to let the negative energy out and welcome fresh, positive vibes into your space.

Did you know that smudging with Rosemary not only helps w/ removing negative energy but can also assist with tapping into your divine feminine energy, creativity, and connecting with your intuition?


Ensure your windows and doors are open during smudging to let the smoke and any released energy flow out. Ignite the Eucalyptus bundle with a match or lighter, allow it to burn briefly, then gently blow out the flame to produce smoke. Begin at your front door and move slowly counterclockwise around your home, directing the smoke in all directions until you return to the front door.

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  • Care Instructions

    Store somewhere dry away from sunlight. When burning any smudge stick please be sure to use a fire resistant bowl or shell (i.e. abalone shell, lion's paw shell) to hold your stick while smudging.

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