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Selenite evil eye talisman

Evil Eye & Selenite Talisman


The evil eye, also known as mal de ojo, is used to ward off negative energy such as envy or hatred directed towards you. Selenite is renowned for its exceptional healing and cleansing properties, aiding in the activation of the crown and third eye chakras. It helps stabilize emotions and remove energy blockages, making it an effective tool for bringing clarity and insight during meditation. Evil eye is commonly used as a protective charm to ward off negative energy, envy, and harmful intentions directed towards the home and its inhabitants. It is believed to safeguard against misfortune, bad luck, and ill will brought about by the malevolent glare of others. Displaying the evil eye in the home is thought to create a shield of positive energy, ensuring the well-being and harmony of the household.

These talisman are approximately 8 inches long.

Please note that these are raw and unique crystals, so they may vary slightly in size, shape, and color.

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  • Care Instructions

    Please do not wet this stone as it can dissolve.

    Please be aware that this stone is sensitive and can begin to lose its beautiful color overtime if left right under the sun too long to cleanse and charge. 


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