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Evil Eye & Selenite Talisman

Evil Eye & Selenite Talisman

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Please keep in mind these are raw and unique crystals that come in slight variations of sizes, shapes, and colors.

Approximately 8" long.


Evil eye aka mal de ojo is used to banish any negative energy such as  envy and/or hate directed towards you.

Selenite is known for its amazing healing & cleansing properties. This stone aids in activating our crown & third eye chakra.

Selenite can assit with stabilizing emotions and removing energy blockages. It is an effective tool used to bring in clarity and insight during meditation.

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  • Care Instructions

    Please do not wet this stone as it can dissolve.

    Please be aware that this stone is sensitive and can begin to lose its beautiful color overtime if left right under the sun too long to cleanse and charge. 


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