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Rosemary sticks are approximately 5-6" inches long.

1 rosemary stick per order.


Rosemary has many beneficial spiritual properties. Smudging with Rosemary not only helps cleanse and remove negative energy from your space but it can also assist with tapping into your divine feminine energy, creativity, and connecting with your intuition!

Great for cleansing your aura as well. It can be burned during meditation or for magick work.



Please make sure to have your windows & doors open to allow the smoke and any energy being removed to flow out during smudging. Use a match or lighter, let it burn for a few seconds, then lightly blow out the flame to release the smoke. Starting from your front door walk slowly counterclockwise around your home, wafting the smoke in all directions leading back to the front door.

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  • Care Instructions

    Store somewhere dry away from sunlight. When burning any smudge stick please be sure to use a fire resistant bowl or shell (i.e. abalone shell, lion's paw shell) to hold your stick while smudging.

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